SUFFOCATION OF SOUL: Find the band on the main digital platforms


About to embark on the ‘Macabre Sentence European Tour’, the thrashers of SUFFOCATION OF SOUL have released their latest releases on major digital platforms.

Due to a strong partnership between the band and Sangue Frio Records, now the albums “The First Attack” (2014) and the current EP, “Macabre Sentence”, can already be found among the main streaming services, check below some links :








Amazon Music:

Google Play Music:

As mentioned above, SUFFOCATION OF SOUL will be leaving for its second visit to the Old Continent and announced that it will be doing a ‘tour report’, presenting lives, stories, photos and daily videos in the official Instagram and Facebook pages, aiming to show the Brazilian public a coverage complete travel between countries, concert halls and their equipment, reception of the metalheads and all the logistics that involves an underground tour in Europe.

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Check out all ‘Macabre Sentence European Tour’ dates:

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