STRIKER: new video single and tour dates

Dive Head First into the fray!

After having played completely sold-out venues in North America with their buddies from Unleash The Archers and Helion Prime in the last few weeks, Striker are now preparing to hit Europe in November on a co-headlining tour with Skull Fist before doing a solo raid on unsuspecting Spain (see tour dates below). The new video single Head First features road and stage footage from their awesome show at this summer’s Bang Your Head Festival in Germany, giving you a glimpse of the heavy shredding train of awesomeness that’s going to roll over you at the Maple Meltdown Tour and the dedication that the band puts into every performance.

In the words of Striker guitarist Tim Brown:

“This song is about diving head first into what you love. Committing yourself no matter the odds and knowing that you will succeed. A lot of our songs on Play To Win are about taking risks and following your dreams, and this is one of those songs. Believe in yourself, because most often you are the only one that will!”


Video link:

Brand new tour dates:


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