STELLAR MASTER ELITE – ‘Hologram Temple’ – Full Album Stream


STELLAR MASTER ELITE – ‘Hologram Temple’ – Full Album Stream

German Black/Doom masters STELLAR MASTER ELITE are now streaming their new album in its entirety!

“Hologram Temple”, the band’s fourth full-length, will be out on 3rd May 2019 via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork.

It was recorded in the band’s own studio while drums, mix and mastering were done together with Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E.

STELLAR MASTER ELITE consistently pursue their style of Black Metal, Doom and experimental music: deep tuned, fuzzy guitars meet pushing rhythms and analogue synthesizers.



1. Null

2. Freewill Decrypted

3. Apocalypsis

4. Ad Infinitum

5. The Beast We Have Created

6. Agitation – Consent – War

7. Black Hole Dementia

8. The Secret Of Neverending Chaos

9. Tetragon / /



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