Statement premieres new video and single today

Ahead of a European tour with Diamond Head.

Statement premieres new video and single today



“«Wonder Why» is a song with roots in my thoughts about how we (humans) in general think too much about our own needs and goals, instead of looking outside the box on how others with less of everything are doing and how the world is corrupting in different aspects of life. And how sometimes we might just need to be happy and grateful for the current situation we are in”.

Jannick Brochdorf, Statement’s vocalist is pretty plain and clear about the theme running through «I Wonder Why», the new song from Denmark’s band, which premieres today as a single and official video. And continues. “Our visions for the rest of 2018 and for 2019 are in motion! We have been working on our new album, added a new layer to our already established sound, and have been putting a bit more thought into the songs, to find out what our specific sound should be like and where we are going with our music”.All the recordings for the future, yet untitled album were done in Medley Studios, with producer Soren Andersen behind the wheel. The band will hit the road with Diamond Head for a European tour starting the 24th of October until the 7th of November. It starts in the Netherlands, going on to Germany, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Plus, the group will start booking shows for the spring in the next few weeks.Check the «I Wonder Why» video below or in one of our official media partners for this premiere:

Demon Reports (SB) (NO)

Kvlt (PL)

Metalized (DK)

Metal-Roos (AU)

Rock Hard (IT)

Rock Hard (GR)

Zero Tolerance (UK)

Ultraje (PT)

United Rock Nations (FR)


STATEMENT «I Wonder Why»

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