Spanish Doom Metal legends GOLGOTHA signs to Xtreem Music!


Legendary spanish doom metallers GOLGOTHA, have just signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their long-awaited 4th album, 14 years after their previous effort “New Life”, released in 2005. This new album has just been recorded and it’s in the process of being mixed and is set to be released on October 2019.

GOLGOTHA emerged in 1992 from the union between its two legendary original members: guitarist Vicente Payá (UNBOUNDED TERROR) and vocalist Amón López, who are still the alma mater of the band with the new drummer Tomeu Crespí. The 1st EP “Caves of Mind” was indeed the 1st release of Repulse Records, now known as Xtreem Music, which closes the circle 25 years later!

The new album, which will feature 8 tracks in the vein of the 1st album “Melancholy”, is being recorded and mixed in the Psychosomatic Recording Studio by producer Miguel Angel Riutort “Mega”, and the band plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign one month before the official release, where they will offer a series of limited editions on CD, vinyl and T-shirts, which will be announced in due time. GOLGOTHA plans to offer a series of live performances to present the new album after its release.

In addition to the official Facebook page,, GOLGOTHA are premiering their new official website at, where all the information regarding the band is concentrated. More details to be announced once the recording process and artwork design is completed.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the latest recording of GOLGOTHA, the self-released 2018 EP “Arise”, at the following location:

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