Sliptrick Records Welcome Italian Crossover Group ABBINORMAL


Sliptrick Records Welcome Italian Crossover Group ABBINORMAL

Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Abbinormal (IT) Crossover | Death Metal | Grindcore | Thrash Metal

Italian Group Abbinormal was originally formed in 1996. The writing of their songs has always been inspired by the philosophy of US crossover group S.O.D.; to produce tracks with a crossover of short and direct styles, with arrogant and irony-filled texts …after recording a demo a few months later, the band promptly disintegrated.

More than 20 years down the road, guitarist Max, with the intention of honoring the pieces written in the past and never published, decides to reform the band with new members. With Eric (vocals and keyboards), Marco (bass) and LKT, a young, powerful and promising drummer, the band write 7 more pieces and rearrange the old songs from the first unpublished demo.

The result is a record entitled 1996, containing 16 short metal crossover songs with thrash, grind and death metal influences and a total duration of just over 23 minutes. Even the artist’s choice for the album cover was not accidental: completely drawn with a pen, it is the work of Davide Scianca, a Milanese artist, visionary and openly influenced by the great master H.R. Giger. The basic idea for creating the cover was made by associating a single word associated with each track that composes the album. The end result embodies the insane vision of Abbinormal.

1996 | Released TBA 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Abbinormal are:

Eric – Vocals/Keyboards | Max – Guitars | Marco – Bass | LKT – Drum

Band links:

Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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