Ship Of Theseus: Cardona details new album


“The Paradox”, the new album from modern metal band Ship Of Theseus, will be available from 29th of March via Punishment 18 Records. About that, Marco Cardona says:

“The idea of having a sort of “dream team” to record this album came up as soon as i realized that i had some music that i really wanted to release… So i first recruited Michele, then we asked to some of our favourite musicians (and friends) to be part of the project and we were lucky since they all loved the music and said “yes”!

Then about the guests: Gregg (Bissonette) is the drummer that originally recorded the song “Time Has Come”, from mine and Giorgio’s record called “InstruMentality: he plays a great drum solo in that version, so we wanted to keep it as a bonus track… Then Alessia (Scolletti), wich did a great job with the vocals on the song The Promise, she gave a great boost to the emotional impact… And then Luca (Zanon), because we felt that we needed some “extra flavor” in some tunes, and he’s a master in creating atmospheres with synts and electronics… Every member of this band came from other musical experience and right is involved also in other projects, but we don’t feel ad a “B” side… we are a band ad we recorded and play together ’cause we fall in love with this songs and this is the real drive of Ship of Theseus”.

Ship of Theseus are:

Michele Guaitoli – Visions of Atlantis, Temperance, Kaledon

Marco Cardona (Krampus ex Tysnaden)

Alessandro Galliera (Krampus)

Giorgio “JT” Terenziani (Arthemis, Killing Touch, Absynth Aura)

Paolo Crimi (BeerBong, ex Extrema)


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