SACRILEGE announce “The Court Of The Insane” new album, the collaboration with the new manager Valeria Campagnale and new single “Bring Out Your Dead”


SACRILEGE are back!
The upcoming album “The court of the Insane” will be available from August 2nd, the third album for Pure Steel Records and the band’s seventh album.
After a break of about 25 years SACRILEGE are back with three great musicians in Bill Beadle, Neil Turnbull, Jeff Rolland and Paul Macnamara.
The new management is curated by Valeria Campagnale, owner of Rockers And Other Animals ( and Insane Voices Labirynth Official (

Resurrected Late 2012, the original Sacrilege band from the NWOBHM was 1982-1987 before any other band took the same name and reformed in 2012.
In the 80’s SACRILEGE played in many clubs like the old Marquee in Wardour St. London, they also played at David Jensen’s show with U2 and Stranglers. The TV appearance was followed by a UK tour of smaller venues and a concert at the Marquee. SACRILEGE have always had a very theatrical performance, both on pub stages and at festivals.
SACRILEGE fans will remember the cobwebs on the drums, the explosions, the dry ice and the 4×12 cabinets with crosses and smoke coming out of them.

“The court of the insane” is their brand new album that will be released on August 2, 2019 via the German label Pure Steel Records.
SACRILEGE are ready again to inflame their audience!

Video of the first single “Lies” from “The Court Of Insane”

“Bring Out Your Dead” – Official New Single from The Court Of Insane”

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