ROYAL HUNT Members: NEW Music Video


Danish hard rockers N’TRIBE featuring ROYAL HUNT members have released an official music video for their Debut Single “Staring Down the Barrel” –

The track is the first single from the band´s EP “Root’n’Branch” which will be released on April 19th via NorthPoint Productions. Soundbites are already available at

Modern classic rock outfit N’Tribe are proud to announce release date for their first EP – “Root´n´ Branch”: April 19th (NorthPoint Productions).


Staring Down the Barrel ⋆ Down On My Knees ⋆ What Goes Around Comes Around ⋆ Paint It Black.

N´Tribe (yes, short for the Nordic Tribe) is a living & kicking example of that: this new band´s been founded in 2018 by three highly esteemed professionals – André Andersen, Jonas Larsen, Henrik Brockmann – initially bonded through their original band Royal Hunt; all participated in numerous bands/projects, all received various accolades from the industry, sold tons of albums and toured the world countless times.

Message from the band:

“We´re very proud to be able to announce April 19th as the release date for our first EP – “Root´n´ Branch”. Hope you´ll enjoy our take on “contemporary classic rock”, because if you will – we have a plethora of songs, just waiting for the chance to pound on your eardrums”.

Soundbites are already available :

Previously have N’tribe released their debut single “Staring Down the Barrel”.

“Staring Down the Barrel” is available on

iTunes * Amazon * Google Play

Connect with N’Tribe:

Official website:



Instagram: @ntriberock 


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