Out Now! “In The Heart of Scarlet Wood” By SHADYGROVE Ft. Members of Elvenking…


L-R:  Simone Morettin (Drums, Ethnic Percussions) | Fabio “Lethien” Polo (Violin) | Lisy Stefanoni (Vocals, flute)| Matteo Comar (Guitar) | Davide Papa (Bass) | Elena Crolle (Keyboards)

Featuring members from Elvenking, Evenoire, and Sound Storm, Italy’s SHADYGROVE’s debut album “In The Heart of Scarlet Wood” is now available via Rockshots Records as of April 6th. Fans of Blackmore’s Night and Loreena McKennitt will find much to love on this debut album with its acoustic heaviness being truly original and special. SHADYGROVE make music as fresh as tomorrow’s dawn.

“folk, ethnic, acoustic Celtic pop. We are trying to bring the popular music of our regions, mixed with Celtic and Medieval music, to a more modern view without altering its soul. We write very evocative songs to guide the listener on a journey to where nature still rules.” says violinist Fabio ‘Lethien’ Polo.

Vocalist Lisy Stefanoni adds:

 “We love the different styles of folk music and the various approaches of the main musicians. We also love the Celtic music. In the metal genre, folk metal inspires us the most. We listen to bands like Eluveitie, In Extremo, also symphonic projects like Ayreon and The Gentle Storm. Those who love folk-metal will certainly appreciate our songs because we all come from that musical background. We take our fans on a journey to a place where myths are real and there is evidence of the magic forces of our planet. In this world the listener can meet legendary creatures walking into enchanted landscapes or see ancient rituals happening.”

Music Video “Scarlet Wood” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BChmkoyXro0

“In The Heart of Scarlet Wood” is now available from Rockshots Records here.


Track Listing:

1. Scarlet Wood (4:37)

2. My Silver Seal (5;56)

3. The Port Of Lisbon (3:42)

4. Eve Of Love (5:30)

5. This Is The Night (5:18)

6. Cydonia (4:39)

7. Northern Lights (5:56)

8. Let The Candle Burn (5:27)

9. Queen Of Amber (6:02)

Album Length: 47:12


Simone Morettin – Drums, Ethnic Percussions

Fabio “Lethien” Polo – Violin

Lisy Stefanoni – Vocals, Flute

Matteo Comar – Guitar

Davide Papa – Bass

Elena Crolle – Keyboards

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