Roadie Metal: Celebrating its five-years anniversary

Roadie Metal: Celebrating its five-years anniversary, “Five Years Death” compilation is released, containing extreme metal bands from the company’s cast


To celebrate along with Roadie Metal’s followers, we put together two gifts to show our appreciation for everybody who was a part of our history in these five years of existence.

The first one has just been released. It’s now available the compilation “Roadie Metal – Five Years Death”, that features 27 Brazilian bands from the company’s cast. This edition has only bands of the genres of Thrash, Death, Hardcore, Deathcore and Metalcore.

The material is available on ALL the digital platforms, completely free. You can check out below the Spotify link for your listening pleasure. In case you’re a user of another platform, all you have to do is search for “Roadie Metal – Five Years Death” and play it on the highest volume. The edition “Roadie Metal – Five Years Heavy” featuring bands of the genres of Heavy Metal, Hard and Classic Rock, will also be available for those who are into more traditional sounds in the near future.

We leave our humble thanks to the more than 60 thousand likes on our page, and our 70 thousand followers, who help and support our content. You guys rule!




01 – Attomica – Feeling Bad

02 – Claustrofobia – Zica do Pântano

03 – Faces of Death – Priest From Hell

04 – Necrofobia – Rotten Brain

05 – Infector Cell – Corrupção Passiva

06 – R.I.V. – Rainbow Warrior’s Mayday

07 – Jailor – Jesus Crisis

08 – MOFO – We Are Metal

09 – Dfront SA – Retranca

10 – Monstractor – Brazilian Roswell

12 – Exylle – Immortal Dies

13 – Herd – Crushing Demons


01 – Torture Squad – Blood Sacrifice

02 – Gutted Souls – Organic Portal

03 – Division Hell – Toxic Faith

04 – Quintessente – The Belief of the Mind Slaves

05 – Death Chaos – Forsaken

06 – Grinding Reaction – Recuse a Cegueira

07 – Half Bridge – Full of Hate

08 – Feios Sujos e Malvados – Tortura

09 – Invokaos – Clube da Luta

10 – Honra – Negativo

11 – DxLxM – Festival do Absurdo

12 – Necrowar – Verdict

13 – Inanimalia – Messenger

14 – Saga HC – Malandragem do Covarde

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