RAGE IN MY EYES: New music video blends the ‘Gaucho’ culture with Heavy Metal

RAGE IN MY EYES is a Brazilian Heavy Metal band that started its activities in 2002 under the name of Scelerata. The band’s new album, “Ice Cell”, was recorded between 2017 and 2018 in the cities of Los Angeles (USA) and Porto Alegre (Brazil). In these 17 years the band had a huge history in the Brazilian Heavy Metal scene, with three albums released worldwide, including the worldwide acclaimed album “The Sniper”, which was recorded in Germany at the Blind Guardian studio and features special guest appearances by Paul DiAnno (former Iron Maiden) and Andi Deris (Helloween). Scelerata was also Paul DiAnno’s official backing band from 2009 to 2014, playing over 50 shows with this heavy metal icon. With this huge background, these musicians are now aiming for the future.

Formed by Jonathas Pozo (vocals), Magnus Wichmann and Leo Nunes (guitars), Pedro Fauth (bass) and Francis Cassol (drums), RAGE IN MY EYES presents a unique kind of music to the world. Being from the South of Brazil, the band shows a side of the country that most people do not know about. Mixing Heavy / Prog Metal with elements of the Milonga – folk music from southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina – the band presents its own sonority, which is loaded with rare elements in Heavy Metal. The new album “Ice Cell” will be released in the following months.

And to celebrate this new beginning, RAGE IN MY EYES presents the music video for the song “Death Sleepers”, which has a very special meaning for the band, for several reasons. Francis Cassol explains: “This is the first official release since we had the name change. We have been working on this material for years and we are very happy to finally be putting it out. This band has had so many rebirths that I prefer to think that this time it is a new beginning, where we are looking forward only. Undoubtedly this is the most solid line-up we’ve had, where all members share the same focus. This video is also special because it is the result of a very successful crowdfunding campaign that we did, where we received unbelievable support from our fans, friends and family, to reach beyond our set goal. We are sure we will not disappoint them. I would like to thank the amazing work of everyone who was involved in the production of the video, especially the director Ulisses da Motta and the producer Eduardo Christofoli, along with all crew members and the actors Renata Stein, Bruno Barcelos, Maia D’Oxum and our great musical partner, the accordionist Matheus Kléber”.



As for the concept of the video, it is a development of the lyrical theme, articulated with the idea of a new visual identity for the band. Leo Nunes explains: “We worked with three main ideas, in three different levels, raised by this need of synthesis between the new phase of the band and the lyrical theme of “Death Sleepers”: on the aesthetic level, the strong visual identity from the traditionalism of the ‘Gaucho’; on the moral level, the consequences of a subjectivist worldview, and of the hypnotic self-persuasion which accompanies it as a distinctive characteristic trait; at the poetic level, the installation of man in the realm of superficialities as an existential denial of human drama itself. The video represents these three ideas with a symbolic game of images, which sometimes intervene in the scenes in which the band performs the music, or present themselves with the members in the same plane”.

It was up to the award-winning filmmaker Ulisses Da Motta to represent in the video all the band’s ideas, uniting all the elements presented by the musicians and also inserting his trademark. With an impressive resume in the Heavy Metal scene, Ulisses, who is also a teacher and a critic, directed several short films, documentaries and TV shows. And it is through his words that we discover more details about the “Death Sleepers” video, as, for example, the concept of the traditionalism of the ‘Gaucho’: “The band already came to me with a well-formed idea for the visual concept. As the song “Death Sleepers” has elements of traditional Gaucho music – that the band already had from the first releases since the Scelerata days -, they brought this concept of referring to the culture of the border of the state of Rio Grande do Sul with Uruguay and Argentina, in the scenery and the costumes. It was curious, because it was something I wanted to do at some point, this more contemporary representation of the Gaucho.”

To put all the ideas into practice and to keep the video dynamic, it was necessary to seek an additional visual element to aesthetically enrich the work: “Talking with the band, especially with Francis and Leo, we discussed the ideas that the lyrics had and we decided to make some visual vignettes with actors. We did our best to underline the concepts that the music brings and to visually it. Three actors worked with us, Renata Stein, Bruno Barcelos and Maia D’Oxum. Renata even adapted a performance she created, called “Nós” (translation: ‘Knots’), to the video. The original performance does not have the same thematic of the lyrics, but we adapted it. It’s a very powerful visual element in the video, you’ll see! ”


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