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Serbian metal band Quasarborn have just released a video for the song „Atlas“, announcing their second album „A Pill Hard to Swallow.“

“Atlas” announces Quasraborn’s new album which will redefine the band’s sound, introducing a lot more variety

Serbian metal band Quasarborn has announced their new album entitled “A Pill Hard to Swallow” with a video for the song “Atlas”. The video was shot in the Serbian mining region of Bor by Jovana Uzelac, and edited by Luka Matković (vocals, guitars). Maintaining their DIY methods, the album was produced by Luka Matković, and the cover was designed by Marko Danilović Tihi (drums). The release date is expected to be in summer/autumn 2019.

Luka Matković states:

“A Pill Hard to Swallow” is a lot more versatile than our debut. There are still some pretty straight-forward thashers, like the opener “Mamula”, but I don’t think anyone expected us to write songs like “Identity Catharsis”, or “Clouds”. Even though our roots still lie in thrash metal, it was a very natural progression for us to drop many genre boundaries and implement influenced ranging from brutal death metal to pop music. The lyrics are very personal, writing them was like therapy for me, and while there’s no clear concept, or story like on “The Odyssey to Room 101”, there’s a very unique sentiment to them which makes this album a whole.
As for “Atlas”, it is one of the more classic metal/rock songs on the album. It deals with a person who always felt alone growing up, surrounded by enemies, and was generally unable to connect with most people. At one point he realises that everyone’s just as lost as him in the game of life, and all conflict and misery is mostly just a concequence of misunderstanding, so he decides to drop the grudges and forgive humankind and is released from this heavy burden.”

“A Pill Hard to Swallow” tracklist:

1. Mamula
2. A Pill Hard to Swallow
3. Bastion
4. Identity Catharsis
5. Atlas
6. Nothing
7. Stalemate with Suicide
8. The Ascent
9. Clouds
10. The Humbling

Quasarborn is:

Luka Matković – Vocals, Guitars, Producer
Marko Danilović “Tihi” – Drums, Artwork, Design
Milos Tomasović – Bass Guitar
Đorđe Luković – Guitars

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