Portland Power Metal TANAGRA Unveil New Single “Sydria”

tanagra_bw-group_web.jpgL-R: Steven Soderberg: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Christopher Stewart: Drums and Percussion, Tom Socia: Lead and Backing Vocals, Josh Kay: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Erich Ulmer: Bass Guitar

Photo Credit: Kara Pesznecker Reavis

Hunkered down across four studios for close to three years, joined by guest musicians on piano, cello, and viola, Portland’s Tanagra has been refining and crafting the seven multi-layered compositions on their upcoming album “Meridiem” to perfection. The release, due out on April 26th, is power metal packed with depth, emotion, harmony, and complexity.

Previously sharing the album’s title track as their first single this past March, TANAGRA is unveiling to fans “Sydria”, the second release off the upcoming full-length. The track is a straight-forward banger with a full-on Hammond organ and some synthwave inspired shimmering. It’s a prog-apocalypse with most of the riffs being written in 5/4 timing to make an epic sing-along tune.Teaming up with MetalInsider.net, “Sydria” can be heard at https://www.metalinsider.net/new-music/song-premiere-tanagra-sydria

The band comments:

“The second track off ‘Meridiem’, ‘Sydria’ is an energetic four-minute banger with great sing-along potential! If you’ve ever wondered what Euro power metal would sound like in 5/4 with baritone lead vocals, this must be it. Lyrically, this song ties into “The Undying Light” and “Tyranny of Time” from our first album, following our guitarist’s Steven’s story about a race of beings struggling to recall a lost homeworld to which they can never return. This song features both vocalist Tom and guitarist Steven on lead vocals throughout, with our bassist Erich joining in on the choruses! Some simple Hammond organ pads and sparkling synth arpeggios round out the arrangement, reinforcing the song’s energy.”

“Meridiem” will be available on April 26, 2019 through Spotify, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon. Album pre-order is available on the band’s Bandcamp.


Track Listing:

1. Meridiem (11:35)

2. Sydria (4:01)

3. Etheric Alchemy (8:49)

4. Silent Chamber (7:52)

5. Hidden Hand (10:14)

6. Across the Ancient Desert (7:39)

7. Witness (14:19)

Album Length: 1:04:31

For More Info:





Formed out of the love of science fiction, fantasy, and theatrical heavy metal storytelling, TANAGRA hit the Portland, USA metal scene in 2011 with epic, symphonic, progressive power metal with lyrical content about original fantasy/sci-fi settings, Magic: The Gathering, historical tales, and other nerdy themes.

In 2015, they released their debut album; None of This is Real, an energetic collection of American power metal showcasing their love for complex arrangements and lengthy songs which garnered critical acclaim from a multitude of publications around the world.

In the time following their debut release, the members found a deep love for progressive rock/metal and symphonic black metal, and in writing new material found ways to combine the sounds of bands like IQ, Anekdoten, Caladan Brood, and Borknagar into their existing American power metal framework.

In 2016, TANAGRA entered the studio with the fruits of their labors to begin recording their ambitious second album, titled Meridiem, slated for global release April 26, 2019.

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