Pitch Black Records is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and the label is celebrating the only way it knows best – by giving!


Cyprus-based Pitch Black Records is celebrating its 10year anniversary and the label is celebrating the only way it knows best – by giving!

A number of celebratory activities have been planned for the entire year and all will gradually be revealed. For now however (and until the end of the year), Pitch Black Records invites everyone to:

Download for FREE the label’s inaugural release, DIPHTHERIA’s debut album (“To Wait For Fire”) which was released in March 2008. The download is available through the label’s Bandcamp page and this of course means a choice between mp3, flac or wav. Yes, even the CD bonus tracks! No catch, no gimmicks! Enjoy a 10% discount at the official Pitch Black Records Online Store. This discount is valid on ANY items, including those on clearance and is repeatable for future orders until the end of the year. The coupon code to use at checkout is ‘pbr10years‘. Additionally, every order on the official Pitch Black Records Online Store, will receive a free CD picked from all the label’s previous releases.

Pitch Black Records also strongly encourages all fans to start using hashtag #PBR10years in all and any of their social media by posting anything related to Pitch Black. This will gain them entry to a draw that will be held at the end of the year with the grand winner taking away an absolutely insane prize while runners up will also win a variety of Pitch Black goodies!Details regarding the draw will be revealed soon as well as for all other “festivities” so keep up to date with Pitch Black through the label’s official website or social media as well as through its iOS and Android apps.

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