Party.San Metal Open Air news : The Committee and Endseeker


THE COMMITTEE and ENDSEEKER confirmed for Party.San Metal Open Air 2018


Finally! After a short break we are back in full strength. As you have surely noticed, our ticket pre-sale is already in full swing. You can order early-bird shirts + ticket and various interesting bundles. Hurry up! Today, we present you two new additions to our billing 2018. We hope you celebrate the bands as we do. Tickets are available here:


THE COMMITTEE started out as a one man project from Belgian musician Igor Mortis in 2007. The rest of the band is comprised of musicians from France, Ukraine and Russia but the headquarters of the group are based out of Belgium. THE COMMITTEE plays a fantastic kind of atmospheric black metal spiced up with a pinch of doom metal. Their two full-length albums “Power Through Unity” and “Memorandum Occultus” are a proof that original black metal is still around and we are glad to welcome this band on our stage.


ENDSEEKER from Hamburg, Germany make no secret who their heroes are. Here we are dealing with old school Swedish Death Metal – Entombed, Dismember and Grave are the main engines that drive this young band formed in 2014. This “imitation” comes down almost to everything – riffs and sound, vocal delivery, fat bass and buzzing HM-2 guitars. Welcome those sickheads to our tentstage and bang that head that doesn´t bang.

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