Today we present you two top-class bands which will enrich our billing for 2018. In case you have not purchased your ticket yet feel free to do it right here:

Thrashing their way through the mid 80’s and early 90’s, thrash metal legends EXHORDER have carved a name for themselves within the worldwide thrash metal scene. The band’s own unique aesthetic and style of playing has unintentionally influenced countless bands in the 90’s and decades to come. They have proven to be unique, top notch musicians through their two great records, without the need for image, mass appeal, or clichés. Despite their brutality, they have proven to have excellent musical instinct, navigating through the dredges of the 90’s with the compass of their own, perfecting their own unique brand of thrash. We are very glad that EXHORDER has reunited once again and will play PARTY.SAN METAL OPEN AIR in 2018. Don’t miss this show.

Style: Thrash Metal

Roots: Slayer, Testament



As one of brutal death metal’s elder acts, DYING FETUS have a high standing in the genre, and therefore have a reputation, a status if you will, to maintain and a responsibility to provide consistency in their music. Their mix of brutal vocals, slamming breakdowns and complex riffs just hit the spot in a way that so many other brutal death metal outfits have failed to do. Their new album “Wrong One To Fuck With” is arguably the best album in their discography so far, it’s got absolutely everything to love about the usual DYING FETUS sound, but done to perfection with supreme brutality, technicality, slams and song writing.

Style: Death Metal

Roots: Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation



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