PANZERFAUST Signs Worldwide Deal With Eisenwald


Canadian black metal outfit PANZERFAUST is pleased to announce their signing to Eisenwald, a union which will culminate in the group’s most ambitious achievement to date: a four-chapter soundtrack acting as the musical equivalent to “a boot stamping on a human face forever.”

The Ontario-based quintet was almost killed in 2017 after an auto accident caused their van to flip and become submerged in sub-zero waters. Luckily, the band escaped mostly unharmed and managed complete their run of dates with Belphegor and Cryptopsy. The near-death experience galvanized the group to commit to their grandest venture yet.

The first chapter of their upcoming tetralogy revolves heavily around the history of this past century, specifically events exemplifying humanity – or the lack thereof – which further alludes to the unbridled notion that war is the artform from which all others were created.

PANZERFAUST has issued the following statement:

“The past three years we have been of a singular mind forging what is a testament to our incorruptible will. Having undergone trials, tribulations and near-death; we have let this take everything from us. We live by a code of ‘war all the time.’ putting our souls into every fibre of this record. We present to you the first chapter of this monument.”

In further news, the band will return to Europe for the second time for an extensive run of dates later this year. More on that will be announced at a later date.


Goliath – vocals

Brock “Kaizer” Van Dijk – guitar, vocals

Thomas Gervais – bass

Alexander Kartashov – drums


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