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Hello from Overlorde.

As 2017 ended, things were looking very promising. Reaction to our new recordings was very positive, and we were well on our way to formalizing the release of a full album by the end of 2018. But in late January of this year, John “Kong” Bunucci informed us that he could no longer be part of the band for personal reasons. John co-founded the band with Mark in 1985, a few months after replying to a classified advertisement Mark placed in the local music newspaper. So this news was quite a blow to the band, and it was obvious that his decision was irreversible. Overlorde wishes John nothing but the best as he navigates the rough seas of life.

After the initial shock wore off, the rest of us were determined to soldier on. Everyone was enthusiastic to find a replacement and continue forward.

Having reached out to our circle of talented friends and contacts, we are happy to announce that we found the perfect replacement. An absolute “animal” on bass, a “Bass Beast” to replace a “Kong”.

Please join us in welcoming Bobby Devlin of Yonkers, New York to Overlorde!

Bobby is a native of the Bronx, NYC. Mark connected with Bobby through Facebook around 2010. With both residing in the NYC area, they had met on at least one occasion.

Per Mark:

“I shared some videos of Bobby with the band members. The first one was a blurry video of Bobby playing an unplugged Alembic bass.  But from that video alone, it was obvious Bobby was someone we needed to reach out to. Here is that video: https://www.facebook.com/bobby.devlin.5/videos/10200748733181755/

Said Bobby:

“From the moment the band contacted me about auditioning for the bass duties in Overlorde, I was fired up!  Their brand of power metal is right in my wheelhouse.

From the very first jam with the band I felt right at home and the energy was inspiring.  I anticipate great things in the near future for Overlorde!”

George Janeira said:

“The news was tough to swallow after playing with John, “Kong”, to some pretty amazing riffs geared towards the upcoming Overlorde CD. But I do wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavors and I know we will remain close and jam once in a while.  In the meantime, a new page is turning and I am stoked to Metal-Out with Bobby and the rest of the guys for the next chapter of Overlorde. Stay tuned!”

And George Tsalikis:

“Despite my not having been in the band that long and not having developed as close a bond with John as Mark has throughout the years, it did come as a shock when John announced his desire to part ways from the band.  I wish John nothing but the best in all aspects of his life.  I now look forward to working with our new incredible bassist Bobby.  Bobby not only overwhelmingly impressed us with his playing but clicked excellently on a personal level with everyone in the band.  I cannot wait to unleash a new album of killer Heavy Metal tunes with this new lineup.”

From Mark:

“There are people that come into your life at just the right time. For a reason, as if by fate.  John is an example of that. An awesome bassist and songwriter, together we created something special and unique in Overlorde. Our friendship flourished even while Overlorde was disbanded from 1989 through 2000, and this made Overlorde’s 2000 reformation that much more special. I am going to miss the partnership and connection to John.  At the same time, Bobby is also an example of fate. The perfect person being available at just the right time. A shot of adrenaline. I know that the new album will be exceptional and invite our fans to come along for the ride.”



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