OVATE – Debut Album via Soulseller Records – Details revealed


Soulseller Records proudly presents the self-titled debut album of Norwegian Black Metallers OVATE – featuring live members of Taake and Gorgoroth! It will be released on 1st June 2018 on CD, vinyl and digitally.

OVATE was founded by Aindiachaí (Guitars/Bass) and Brodd (Drums) in their quest through pagan landscapes, spewing forth some of the most epic and venomous Black Metal in a way that is presented so little in modern day. Guest vocalists on the album are Hoest (Taake & Gorgoroth), V’gandr (Helheim & Taake), Eld (Krakow & Aeturnus & Gravdal), Ese (Slegest) and Ødemark (The 3rd Attempt).

The track “Morgenstjerne”, featuring V’gandr on vocals, is streaming at this location: https://youtu.be/8pO7vDlhG-w


1. Morgenstjerne

2. Song til ein orm

3. Illhug

4. The horned forest king

5. Inst I tanken





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