OPALIZED – New video ‘Rising From The Ashes’ available right now !


OPALIZED – New video ‘Rising From The Ashes’ available right now !



Opalized just released it’s new video  ‘Rising From The Ashes’ taken from the album ‘Rising From The Ashes’ out in 2017.

Filmed in Charente South West France in a castle in ruins.Realisation: Adrían GarcíaCompany: Visual BlastRecording: Anthoni Grande and Adrían GarcíaLyrics: A story that traces the past of a former junkie who survived an overdose and who was blessed by the energy that saved his lifeMusic: The intro of the music is subtle with the guitarist playing solo. Followed by the intense rhythm of the drums, guitar, bass and a huge growling vocals from the singer.

The beginning of the song delivers a fast beat with technical intensity and powerful vocals.Chorus is diverted to melodic and dark music approach with the guitarist clear vocals and seconded with the main vocalist deep growling vocals.

The finishing of the song was perfectly match by the drummers tireless beats and high vocals of both guitarist and vocalist.

This piece is a clever mix between “death melodic and metalcore”.

Conclusion: The songwriting of this title is original, varied and the chorus remains in the head several hours (days) after listening. The song has a little bit of touch and influence of famous metalcore bands such as “As I Lay Dying”, Trivium and “Parkway Drive”

Great song to hear and enjoy listening to this new year!

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