NORTHERN STEEL RADIO announces official launch.


The NORTHERN STEEL RADIO show based in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced their official launch after being forged from the fires of battle and is ready to slam metal music fans in the face like Thor’s hammer

The show was created by Jason Davis and “The Metal Warrior” Rayman James, who are the founders / promoters of the Swordmetal Festival, as well as the management team for the heavy metal band MALICE from Minneapolis.

The Northern Steel Radio show is an off the wall show of comedy, metal and madness that came to life during Malice’s recent Slaying the Dragon West Coast US tour when Jason began recording random conversations the band and crew were having on the road. Jason and Rayman often will argue, discuss and rant about random topics ranging from politics, cartoons to waffle recipes.

Both hosts have a love for heavy metal and they like giving up and coming bands exposure as well as playing some of their favorite bands from around the world. After just 2 episodes, the weekly show was picked up by two separate stations one on each of the US coasts and are in talks to add more yet. They pride themselves on not asking the same boring questions of musicians over and over, attempting to dig deeper into a musicians personality, to provide a more interesting interview and show. Periodically, they will be having special guest hosts joining them on the air as well.

Northern Steel Radio official Facebook page


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