NIHILITY: Debut album ‘Thus Spoke The Antichrist’ by the Portuguese blackened death group


NIHILITY: Debut album Thus Spoke The Antichrist by the Portuguese blackened death group out now via Black Lion Records

Portuguese NIHILITY delivers an aggressive coalescence of black and death metal sound, charged with nihilistic views. The Porto based unit’s debut full length, Thus Spoke The Antichrist, saw its worldwide release on May 24th via Black Lion Records.

Download/Stream Thus Spoke The Antichrist

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NIHILITY – Thus Spoke The Antichrist (Official Album stream)



Emerging out of Porto in 2012, NIHILITY preaches the doctrine of nihilism through their profoundly complex blackened death metal tunes. The Portuguese horde not only perceives nihilism as a philosophy, but also as a way of life, and thus their lyrical content delves too deeply into the different aspects of nihilism.

Without compromising the excellence and savagery, Nihility patiently took its time to craft the debut album, Thus Spoke the Antichrist. Painting both vicious and sinister surroundings, this debut brings forth a storm of noxious blackened death numbers that preserve both old-school roots and technical deftness at the same time.


Mário Ferreira – Vocals
Rui Coutinho – Guitars/Vocals
Miguel Vanzeler – Guitars
Miguel Seewald – Bass
Luís Moreira – Drums

Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Ultrasound Studios, Portugal
Artwork by Gustave Doré illustration


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