NIGHTSHADE – New album “1426” – Out on February 16th !


NightShade is a French modern metal band, active since 2007, on the international scene with tours across the globe (USA, Japan, China…) with prestigious bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, After The Burial, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and on festivals such as the Euroblast Fest;


The story of a man, who after a wedding following 10 years of his life with his soulmate, loses her as she pursuant to her curiousity to try a new life, pushed by her best friend. This situation then follows a reflecion period, as he tries to understand he could possibly succeed in bringing her back to him, even plotting the killings of the men who charmed her or had something with her during the course of their relationship, and also the best friend. Then the moment of thinking about himself, depression, suicidal thoughts, he is finally saved by his best friends. But at the end, even with the love of many people he cares about, the fact that he can’t succeed in her return, it will lead him to Aokigahara to end his life instead of living a life of lie

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