New Video from Devious Mine


After the excellent response of “Exilium” the debut album released  in 2018 by Underground Symphony, Devious Mines are back with “Fulgor” a new single accompanied by a video on Elevate Records.

The Exilium video was fun, made on a budget but with passion, with custom-made Playmobil characters, leftovers from Christmas decorations and above all a lot of fun and we hope that this joy will be transmitted to you.

Musically Fulgor moves on the tracks of the previous work, a powerful melodic power metal influenced by Italian metal traditions but which refers to the Nordic influences of groups like Stratovarius but with an eye of course to bands that by now in Italy have entered the DNA of the new generations, like Labyrinth and Secret Sphere.


Happy listening and Stay Devious!

You can download / listen / see FULGOR from this link

Devious Mine are :

Alberto Ambrogiani – voice

Luca Biccari – lead guitar

Lorenzo Aliventi – drum

Luca Lucertini – bass




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