New Book on The Science of Heavy Metal “Metal Goes Science – The Academic Metal Bibliography” – Now Available


New Book on The Science of Heavy Metal “Metal Goes Science – The Academic Metal Bibliography” – Now Available

Athens, Greece – This bibliographic book explores the world of metal music from a scientific point of view and includes a huge catalogue of academic works that deal with metal. This is a guide for the scholars of metal music who need help in their research and the music fans who want to explore the world of metal beyond the music…The author searched extensively in 149 scientific databases and found a lot of information from 1984 to 2017 about the academic use of metal music in sectors such as: Business, Psychology, Religion, Medicine, Computing Science and other research areas.

Inside the book you can find references about the most bizarre metal researches, from medical explorations of moshpit to the ecological perspective of Black Metal music! Expect the unexpected in terms of devotion to metal music and sophisticated science. This is a “must” for book collectors and metal maniacs who consider metal music as a scientific experience.

The book covers the bibliography of academic/scientific publications for more than 30 years. It features books, journal articles and conference papers between 1984 and 2017.The pages of the book are divided into four chapters that include the metal works during the following periods: 1. 1980 – 1989, 2. 1990 – 1999, 3. 2000 – 2009, 4. 2010 – 2017. If you are into both science and metal music, then you will find a lot of published material to search on the internet or at your local library.

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About the author

Vasileios Yfantis holds an MSc in Information Technology (University Of The West Of Scotland) and an MSc in Information Security (Luleå University of Technology), moreover he is the author of scientific articles published worldwide. Technology as a medium and music as a mission led him to experiment as a musician with unorthodox sounds and machines since the late 1990s. The main areas of his research interests feature: Information Communications Technology, e-Tourism, Digital Divide, e-Government and  the

Digital Entertainment Industry.


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