New AIRFORCE video…the band’s finest hour!

Airforce have just released a video-clip of their song ‘Finest Hour’ taken from “The Black Box” EP released earlier this year.

Airforce was formed in the late 1980s but soon disbanded without any recording to their name. The band got back together around 2008 but it wasn’t until 2016 that the debut album, “Judgement Day”, saw the light of day.

The line-up of Airforce features Doug Sampson who played drums in Iron Maiden‘s first ever recording (“The Soundhouse Tapes”). Chop Pitman plays guitar with the band. Both Chop and Doug played with Steve Harris before Steve decided to form Iron Maiden back in the late 1970s. In fact the Airforce song ‘Finest Hour’ bears a strong resemblance to Iron Maiden’s early material with Bruce Dickinson and possesses the same freshness and exhuberance.

But check out the video and judge for yourselves….


Dilian Arnaudov – vocals
Chop Pitman – lead guitar
Tony Hatton – bass guitar
Doug Sampson – drums

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