NETHERBIRD video premiere of the track “Lunar Pendulum”

NETHERBIRD are happy to present their new clip for the track „Lunar Pendulum“ at

The extreme metal band around the former AMON AMARTH drummer Fredrik Andersson are now releasing the second single from their upcoming album „Into The Vast Uncharted”, which will be released on September 27th.

The Swedes are commenting: „We are honoured that our iconic second single. The song is a rather downsized, but nevertheless dynamic piece from the upcoming album „Into The Vast Uncharted”. As for the text, it reflects the cyclical phenomena that surround us. Things come and go, the only thing that’s constant is change. This applies to human achievements and ideas as well as to nature. The endless ebb and flow, nothing remains forever, and we all better keep that in mind.“


Johan “Nephente” Fridell – Vocals

Pontus “Bizmark” Andersson – Gitarre, Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Tobias “Tinitus” Jakobsson – Gitarre, Backing Vocals

Johan “Nord” Nordin – Gitarre, Vocals

Micke “M.A.” André – Bass

Fredrik Andersson – Drums


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