NEOSTATIC reveal cover for autumn release ’Overpowered’

The Danish/Spanish band’s debut album was recorded in the Sweet Silence Studios with producer Flemming Rasmussen at the helm.

Danish hard rocking outfit NeoStatic are thrilled to announce that their debut album ‘Overpowered’ is now on the way to press. The album will be released on vinyl and via the usual streaming services very soon. You can see the cover right here:

‘Overpowered’ was produced and mixed in Copenhagen, Denmark, by legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel and many more).

“We recorded with Flemming in the past when we did some demos and a few songs for Spotify in a slightly different constellation,” shares NeoStatic guitarist Jesper Lysgaard, “and we loved the atmosphere in the Sweet Silence studios as well as Flemming’s style. As the opportunity to record a full album arose, there was little doubt in our minds that he’d be our choice.”

Played music forever
Although NeoStatic are a fairly new band, three-fourths of the band have been mates and active musicians since the late 80s. Guitarist Jesper Lysgaard and drummer Hans-Henrik Sørensen have played together since 1989 in different combos, both hard rock/metal and pop rock, and have released a number of demos and official singles.

“Yeah, we’ve played music forever!” laughs Sørensen, “it’s a passion for us, and will probably always be part of what we are. Jamming with the guys and putting music together is just an incredible process. Always has been, always will be.”

The NeoStatic line-up is comleted by Guillem Junca, a young, Spanish bass player who shares the rest of the band’s love for vintage, analogue sounds and a combination of 70s and 90s music, as well as singer and rhythm guitarist Jesper Skou Vinther who has been a friend of Lysgaard and Sørensen since always.

Sponsor behind album
“Overpowered” is not the typical tale of an album release. The recording was sponsored by a local business man and his wife who are ardent vinyl freaks. “I still find it surreal that someone actually offered us money to send out an album,” offers singer Jesper Vinther, “but we are extremely grateful that our sponsors have faith in our music and us as a band.”

NeoStatic draw upon a plethora of inspirational sources when they write their music. From the primordial tones of English hard rock conveyed by Led Zeppelin and the godfathers of metal, Black Sabbath to the alternative scene during the 90s, represented by e.g. Sound Garden, Helmet, Deftones and Faith No More, the four-piece have taken all of these and made their own hard rocking cocktail.

Stay tuned for “Overpowered”!

1. Rotten
2. Troll
3. Broken Road
4. School Yard Rules
5. Bonds
6. Rebellion
7. Good Day Good
8. Power Soak
9. Offended


“Overpowered” will be available via Gateway Music,

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