NANOWAR OF STEEL feat. Gigatron – New summer hit and video released!


What would happen if the black metal greats took a break from burning churches to dance at a reggaeton party? Well, speculate no further because NANOWAR OF STEEL has the answer with their summer hit single ‘Norwegian Reggaeton’!

The Italian power metal parody band is feeling the heat of the summer with this mashup of speedy guitar work over the classic Reggaeton beat. Staying true to the dance hall genre they have a spicy chorus featuring Spain’s Charly Glamour of Gigatron.

The band comments:

“We think that this song is a long due tribute to the metal community. It is by and large unfair that while everyone dances on the beach, flirt with ladies in bikinis and enjoy the summer, we metalheads have lacked the proper soundtrack to do the same. But now, this song will allow us to twerk, dance and mosh without losing our metallic dignity.”

Get ready to light up your summer and dance with Varg and Fenriz in this imaginative and hilarious video that will get you banging your head and shaking your booty.

Watch ‘Norwegian Reggaeton’ at:

The single is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and all other major online retailers.

The last album “Stairway to Valhalla” is available HERE


2018 -Stairway to Valhalla (Full Length)
2016 – Tour-Mentone Vol. I (EP)
2014 – A Knight At The Opera (Compilation DVD)
2010 – Into Gay Pride Ride (Full Length)
2007 – Made In Naples (Live)
2005 – Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay! (Full Length)
2003 – Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel (Demo)


Mohammed Abdul (Valerio Storch) – Guitars, vocals
Potowotominimak (Carlo A. Fiaschi) – Vocals
Mr. Baffo (Raffaello Venditti) – Vocals
Gatto Panceri 666 (Edoardo Carlesi) – Bass

More info:

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