MEMORIAM – hit the German Charts / new trailer video online


NUCLEAR BLAST are proud to announce that the new masterpiece of old school metal veterans MEMORIAM, »Requiem For Mankind«, entered the official German Charts at #20.
Congratulation Boys!!!

Just a year after the release of their second album »The Silent Vigil«, the band returns with an authentic, raw offering packed with old school death metal destruction. Once again, the groove is monstrous, the riffs are merciless, and the atmosphere is oppressive, paralyzing, even overwhelming. Willett’s aggressive vocals are rousing and relentless.

Order »Requiem For Mankind« now:

Today, the band released a new trailer video, in which Karl disscuss the band’s new track and video for ‘The Veteran’. Check it out here:

The official video of “The Veteran” can be seen here:

The video was created by Daniel Dodd. Daniel was a soldier in the British Army, who came back from Iraq as a veteran in 2007. He is now a photographer, who uses his work to address the traumas he faced during, and since his deployment.
You can find Daniel’s work via Instagram here

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