MALLEVS MALEFICARVM – release first track-by-track

The German melodic Black Metal newcomers MALLVES MALEFICARCM are set to unleash their debut album “Homo Homini Lupus” on April 21, 2017 through NoiseArt Records.

Today, the band just released the first track-by-track Trailer of this upcoming record.

Check it out here:

Last week, the band released the lyric video of the second digital single “He Shall Bring No Light” on YouTube.

Check it out here:


The band states:

“He shall bring no light” is a collaboration between Vesa Salovaara (Vorna, Ephemerald) and me – and one of the more sinister tracks on the album. With an agressive and fast beginning, this song ends in a melodic and epic part. All lyrics are wrtitten by Vesa, who also recorded the vocals in finnland.”


Pre-order »Homo Homini Lupus« now digitally and receive “He Shall Bring No Light” and the first single “Under The Red Skies” instantly: Amazon-MP3:


Pre-Order the album here:


The lyric Video of the first single “Under The Red Skies” can be seen here:


“Homo Homini Lupus” was written and recorded by Marius Berendsen over a period of five years, 2011-2016. It contains melodic black metal with a melancholic spirit, combined with elements of heavy rock music.

Guest singers from several metal genres – like Robse from “Equilibrium“, Schmied from “Mor Dagor” and Vesa Salovaara from “Vorna“- enrich the album with their versatile voices.


Responsible for the cover (see below) is Zino Loreth from Wotans Milch Artwork, who is also the creator of the bandlogo.


The band already released an first teaser about the upcoming album.

Check it out:



Robert “Robse” Martin Dahn – Vocals

Marius Berendsen – Drums

Dennis “Blaze “Baron – Guitar

Nico Neth – Guitar

Alexander Rueting – Bass



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