LORD GORE premiere “The Crawling” – NEW album coming August 9th 2019


Everlasting Spew Records is honored to present “The Crawling”, the first single off the upcoming album “Scalpels For Blind Surgeons” set to be released in CD and DIGITAL by Everlasting Spew Records August 9th 2019 with a vinyl version before the end of the year.

“Lord Gore is a pathogenic, mutated amalgam of deranged individuals who have produced grind and death metal in many bands from the Pacific Northwest since the mid-90s,” the band write to Decibel. “On this third recording, Scalpels for Blind Surgeons, their style continues to evolve while maintaining the brutality and unrelenting menace of previous efforts. HEAVIER THAN ARMORED WHALE SHIT.” (Gurge)

Featuring former and current members from Engorged, Frightmare, Ritual Necromancy, Blood Freak, Fornicator and Torture Rack, legendary Gory Death Grind combo LORD GORE have shaped their third album right 15 years after their previous “Resickened” adding a strong filthy old school death metal vibe to their renowned death grind formula!


LORD GORE “The Crawling”



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