LOOKING GLASS PROJECT – launch single “My Life is Going”


Looking Glass Project is the new Italian-Dutch power Rock/Metal trio,which debuted with the single My Life is Going on, cover of the opening song taken from the acclaimed TV series Money Heist sung by Cecilia Krull.

The single will be released worldwide in all digital stores from April 19 via Revalve Records.

Enjoy now the song preview: https://player.believe.fr/v2/3615937979939

Looking Glass Project are:

Voice: Lisette Van Den Berg (Scarlet Stories, Ayreon Univers, and more – https://www.instagram.com/lisettevandenbergmusic/

Guitars & Bass: Filippo Rosati (Omega Zero – instagram.com/omegazero_band/)

Drums: Riccardo Curti (ArseA – instsagram.com/arseaofficial)

Mix & Master: Silvio Gentili, Viterbo Musica (http://www.viterbo-musica.com/)

Cover Artwork Artist: Nicolas Chacin (https://nicolaschacin.com/)

Logo Artwork Artist: Matteo Valentini (http://instagram.com/mavalart)

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