LECHEROUS NOCTURNE’s ‘Occultaclysmic’ Out Now on Willowtip / Album Streaming


Occultaclysmic, the ferocious new album from USDM stalwarts LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, was released today on Willowtip Records. Stream it in its entirety at:


Occultaclysmic is available on CD, digital and very limited vinyl at the following locations:



“Nine songs use angular riffs, a rhythm section that seems intent on playing their instruments into the dust and an ear for brutality, Occultaclysmic could very well be one of the year’s best technical death metal records.”

– Decibel Magazine

“It has thick musical roots firmly ingrained in the DM genre while expanding the sound further into the extreme. It’s faster, much more powerful, and more intricate. It’s everything you hold dear, just taken to a next level.”

– No Clean Singing

“Lecherous Nocturne offer up some of the best brutal, raw, technical and sickening death metal. Occultaclysmic is one hell of an intense, fulfilling and brutalizing record.”

– Cadaver Garden

“Occultaclysmic sees the brutal/technical death metal band scale new heights, blending Incantation and Portal-esque mindfuckery with Suffocation inspired riffs.”

– The Sound Not The Word

“This new album is beyond brutal, recorded and sequenced with a pace that goes right for the jugular. This music boasts a blackened death metal vibe that is vicious enough to conjure the devil!”

– The Metal Channel

“The music is raw and visceral, bringing a huge impact to the table.”

– Heavy Music Headquarters


Since their debut in 1997, LECHEROUS NOCTURNE have pushed the boundaries of death metal to extreme limits and even crossed the threshold through the blackened spectrum, abolishing any limitations some may confine to most technical subgenres. Conventional song structures and solos are void in their songwriting, with only the drive of leaving a ferocious trail of technical viciousness in their wake. The strength of their self-titled E.P. landed the band a two album deal with Unique Leader Records, which was followed by a series of nationwide tours with the biggest names in the genre. After touring on Behold Almighty Doctrine, the group inked a deal with Willowtip Records for the release of Occultaclysmic. Occultaclysmic was engineered by Jarrett Pritchard.






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