LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE – new album “Bleeding The Stars” in July 2019!


– New album BLEEDING THE STARS out on July 26th 2019 –

– Three singles / video clips between March and July –

– Extensive activities at festivals –

A new line-up, a new record and new inspirations, while returning to their well-proven strengths: German dark metal band Lacrimas Profundere place their focus on doom. On July 26th 2019, their current album Bleeding The Stars will hit the market in the wake of 3 run-up single releases: The first one, ‘Father Of Fate’ and its accompanying video clip will be out on March 29th already. ‘Like Screams In Empty Halls’ and ‘The Kingdom Solicitude’ will follow shortly behind on 24th May and 12th July respectively, the latter containing an opulent video clip made in Iceland.


(C) Christian Vogel. Printable hi-res version attached.

“This new record is like a new beginning for us” guitarist and band leader Oliver Nikolas Schmid explains. He reclaimed their drummer Dominik Scholz and got Julian Larre on board as a new vocalist. “I cast aside the shackles of the last years, in search of my musical roots, my dream to be a musician, breaking down Lacrimas Profundere to their very essence along the way– for the sake of music. This includes my brother and songwriter Christopher, with whom I started this madness of a band in 1993.”

The album was produced by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner, the cover artwork – featuring shades of deep crimson – was again created by Brazilian artist Elton Fernandes.

Asked about their telling album title, Olly says the following:

“We read up on the big bang theory a bit. When something huge is created, there is always blood and tears involved somewhere in the process. And voilà: the album’s title was born!”


26/04/2019 – Hexentanz Festival, Losheim am See

03/05/2019 – Plage Noire Festival, Weissenhäuser Strand

21/06/2019 – Das Schloss Rockt Festival, Münster

03.-06.07/2019 – Rock Harz Festival, Ballenstedt

06/07/2019 – Stadtfest, Gunzenhausen

12/07/2019 – Rock Im Vogelwald Festival, Laimnau

23/07/2019 – Free and Easy Festival, Munich

26/07/2019 – Schlichtenfest Festival, Ottobeuren

20/09/2019 – Rock House Moscow, Moscow

21/09/2019 – Backstage Club, St. Petersburg

15/11/2019 – Sala Silikona, Madrid

16/11/2019 – Damask Metal Fest, Barcelona

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