LA Death Metallers INFIRMITY Releasing Debut Album ‘Descendants of Sodom’ on November 9

LA Death Metallers INFIRMITY Releasing Debut Album ‘Descendants of Sodom’ on November 9


Los Angeles Death Metal quartet INFIRMITY will release Descendants of Sodom, their full-length debut album, November 9 on Lost Apparition Records. Stream the title track below.

“Descendants of Sodom” (Youtube)

“Descendants of Sodom” (Bandcamp)

Pummeling and lacerating, yes, but also superbly constructed for maximum memory retention, the music of Descendants of Sodom is to stand the test of time (however much of it we have left on this planet). Built on on an unwavering foundation of dynamic Death Metal, while at times channeling the deathly thrash of Dark Angel or Slayer, as well as shrieking black metal flourishes, that INFIRMITY have gone all in on Descendants of Sodom is a gross understatement. John Haddad’s (Intronaut, Abysmal Torment, Phobia, etc) work recording, mixing, and mastering the album has paid big dividends in a sound that is crisp, cutting, and direct in the trauma that it will in fact inflict on those listeners who dare to take the beating. Wear protective clothing and brace yourself!

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Track List

1. Gomorrah Aflame

2. Descendants Of Sodom

3. Darkness Reigns Supreme

4. Infatuated With Intoxication

5. Plastic Idols – The Obsessed

6. Depths Of Regression

7. Unholy Deception


All music written and performed by Infirmity

Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Haddad at Trench Studios, Corona

Cover art done by the amazing Daemorph Art!



Kevin Lowery – Guitar / Vocals

Daniel Shultz – Guitar / Vocals

Zachary Ramirez – Drums

Brent Gore – Bass


Infirmity, a group of four guys who like to get together, drink beer and make some heavy metal death rock! So crank up your stereo to “11”, get into position to air guitar (or air drum), grab your favorite beer, some ibuprofen for the whiplash, and be prepared to head-bang your ass off! This is metal! This is Infirmity!

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