FORGETTING THE MEMORIES release new single “Heartfeeder” and announce new EP “Known Darkness”

The new EP “Known Darkness” will be released on August 23rd and is now up for exclusive Pre-Orders!


Watch the lyric video for “Heartfeeder” on YouTube made by Scott Rudd

Swedish metalcore wrecking balls FORGETTING THE MEMORIES have now officially announced their new EP “Known Darkness” along with a new lyric video for the single “Heartfeeder”. The new EP consists of 6 tracks including the already released latest singles “Cult”, “Soul Drift” and “Laurentius”. “Known Darkness” is set to be released on August 23rd, 2019, exclusively in the Long Branch Records Online shop and the label’s Bandcamp.

“Known Darkness” is now available for pre-order here:






“Known Darkness” Tracklist:

1. Laurentius
2. Fathomless
3. Heartfeeder
4. Soul Drift
5. Cult
6. Delirium

Merging intricate headbangable rhythms with melodic choruses which will get you singing along in no time, Forgetting the Memories constructs a unique blend of death- and metalcore unrivaled in complexity and intensity.

“Monophobia”, their first full-length release in 2016, was a sprawling labyrinth of fierce hard-pounding breakdowns and catchy choruses rife with meaningful lyrics, detailing deeply personal journeys through subjects like battling cancer, loosing a friend and heartache, making Forgetting The Memories music highly engaging.

Over the years Forgetting The Memories has stayed true to their particular style, yet constantly evolving, defining themselves as a truly essential force within the genre.

Stay tuned as Forgetting the memories reach new frontiers together with Long Branch Records and the new EP “Known Darkness”.


Forgetting The Memories





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