Italian Hard Rock/Metal Project KEIN Join Sliptrick

Italian Hard Rock/Metal Project KEIN Join Sliptrick records

Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Kein (IT) Hard Rock | Metal | Black

William Mambelli was born in the province of Ferrara, in an environment totally foreign to the world of art. In puberty he felt the desire to be part of the entertainment world, a secret that once revealed, which for decades made him a target of perpetual derision, both inside and out of the family.

William could never follow the scholastic musical approach, so self-taught, he experimented with various musical genres, developing over time, his own style in a continuous evolution. He wrote texts that break the poetic metrics and does not deal with social themes, but of the interiors of the human universe. He now plays with the metal and hard rock genre with atmospheric black influences, built on a powerful rhythm guitar and a solid dominant voice, with a low and rough vocal timbre. The futurist texts are inspired by the ideal of the superman as the overcoming of human alienation.

A collaboration with the bassist and arranger Francesco Preziosi has led to the realization of the opus Kein, an album of 12 tracks, 10 of which are written by William himself with the other 2 by the drummer and arranger Antonio Aronne.

Kein | Released TBA 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Kein are:

William Mambelli – Vocals/Guitar | Francesco Preziosi – Bass | Antonio Aronne – Drums

Band links: Facebook | On Sliptrick


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