ISKANDR / Dutch Black Metal Duo Premiere Majestic Battle Hymn “Regnum”

Dutch Black Metal Duo ISKANDR Premiere Majestic Single “Regnum” via Indy Metal Vault


Dutch black metal paganists ISKANDR are proud to present the first single, “Regnum,” from their sophomore album, Euprosopon, out Sept. 28 in Europe (Oct. 12 in North America) via Eisenwald.

Listen to the triumphant Dutch battle cry at this location.

With the single streaming via, Regnum is Latin for “kingdom,” which makes sense given the album’s regal flourishes. A 12-minute long battle hymn war-torn and scarred, “Regnum” begins with majestically before launching into a sonic assault of d-beat proportions.

As the album’s title, Euprosopon, expresses the impossibility of an ideal man, formulating new concepts of heroism is necessary to preserve ideas of strife and longing in an age of eternal devaluation. The album departs from previous works in its more pronounced songwriting, confrontational attitude and triumphant regal flourishes. Evoking medieval symbolism, Euprosopon takes cues from Norwegian classics, such as Enslaved’s Eld, Hades’ …Again Shall Be and Aeternus’ Dark Sorcery EP.

Pre-order the ISKANDR’s obscure pagan chaos here.

Clocking in at a respectable forty-five minutes, Euprosopon consists of four tracks of battle-worn blackened hymns. The tortured and scarred vocals tell of defiance in the face of mortal odds, as well as the impermanence of royal might, banishment under pain of death and the resurgence of a new age. ISKANDR’s second full-length also displays an increased complexity in the band’s composition, range and atmospheric elements. Supported by the production assistance and session drumming of M. Koops of Fluisteraars, Euprosopon is a definite leap in an attempt to chart a path of noble and austere black metal.

“‘Regnum’ is a song about the impermanence of kingly might and seemingly eternal power,” says O.  “All great empires will eventually crumble and all those with unimaginable power will crawl. It is perhaps the most forceful expression of my music yet, and I think a great pathway into this record.”To complement the next step in ISKANDR’s evolutionary saga, multi-instrumentalist O. forged an alliance with the esteemed Eisenwald Tonschmiede to release Euprosopon on 180-gram black vinyl and venerable digipak editions. A limited-edition cassette edition, featuring lush risograph-printed artwork, will be available under the sigil of Haeresis Noviomagi.ISKANDR is:O. – vocals, guitars, bassM. Koops – drumshttp://iskandr.bandcamp.com


Euprosopon Track Listing:

1. Vlakte

2. Regnum

3. Verban

4. Heriwalt

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