IGNITE – “Our Darkest Days” returns on vinyl! European tour kicks off




IGNITE – “Our Darkest Days” returns on vinyl! European tour kicks off!

On April 14th, 2017, right on time with the start of IGNITE’s European tour, Century Media Records will reissue the band’s melodic hardcore milestone “Our Darkest Days” in its definite vinyl edition! The 2017 edition of “Our Darkest Days” comes with some sonic and visual treats: The album has been mastered for vinyl, includes the bonus song “Last Time”, which has never been available on vinyl before, the entire album on CD plus a 4-page LP-sized booklet. “We’re excited to see “Our Darkest Days” back on vinyl again in Europe”, says bassist Brett Rasmussen. “There will be some great colors available for sale when we hit the road!”

IGNITE will offer a band exclusive vinyl colour on the upcoming dates, see below for the colour split and limitations:Silver vinyl – limited to 200 copies! Exclusive band colour! Get it at the upcoming European shows!

Neon orange vinyl – limited to 200 copies! Available at CMDistro Europe, get it here: http://bit.ly/IGNITE_CMD

Black vinyl is not limited

IGNITE are touring in support of the “A War Against You Album”, which charted at #12 in Germany and has been praised by fans and media alike. Don’t miss them at the shows below kicking off this Friday, April 14!


14.04. Wien – Impericon Festival (Austria)

15.04. Leipzig – Impericon Festival (Germany)

16.04. Oberndorf – Easter Cross (Germany)

17.04. Salzburg – Rockhouse Bar (Austria)

18.04. Cham – LA Café (Germany)

19.04. Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal (Germany)

21.04. Zürich – Impericon Festival (Switzerland)

22.04. Oberhausen – Impericon Festival (Germany)

23.04. Drachten – Iduna (Netherlands)

24.04. Rotterdam – De Baroeg (Netherlands)

25.04. London – Underworld (UK)

26.04. Leeds – Temple Of Boom (UK)

28.04. Bremen – Moments (Germany)

29.04. Schweinfurt – Alter Stattbahnhof (Germany)

30.04. Meerhout – Groezrock (Belgium)

02.05. Nantes – Le Ferrailleur (France)

04.05. Madrid – Sala But (Spain) + MADBALL + H2O

05.05. Lisboa – Cine Teatro Du Corrois (Portugal) + MADBALL + H2O

06.05. Oviedo – Otero Brutal Fest (Spain) + MADBALL + H2O

07.05. Barcelona – Sala Razzmatazz 2 (Spain) + MADBALL + H2O

16.07. Tabor – Mighty Sounds (Czech Republic)

17.07. Jena – F-Haus (Germany) + DEATH BY STEREO

21.07. Hünxe – Ruhrpott Rodeo (Germany)

22.07. Lindau – Umsonst & Draussen (Germany)

08.08. Tolmin – Punkrock Holiday (Slovenia)

19.08. Bydgoszcz – Muzla Fest (Poland)

25.08. Niedergörsdorf – Spirit Festival (Germany)

26.08. Wörrstadt – Neuborn Open Air (Germany)

Booking: www.mad-tourbooking.com

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