Horror Pain Gore Death Productions set to release new album from VESICATION entitled “Total Fecall” on July 26

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions set to release new album from VESICATION entitled Total Fecall on July 26


VESICATION return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new album Total Fecall! Hailing from Toronto Canada, VESICATION defecate 12 filthy tracks of signature dirty Deathgrind on their second full length album. Total Fecall pushes the boundaries of the extreme both musically and lyrically, and is easily one of the most offensive releases of 2019.

VESICATION aim to satisfy the desires of the most sadistic, perverted and vile individuals with a sickening lust for groove, grime and brutality! For fans of Butcher ABC, Cliteater, Frightmare, Gutalax, Haemorrhage, Hemdale, Impetigo, The Mung and Rectal Smegma.

Stream album track “Nostre-Anus” at youtu.be/_MWSNLvOV5s

Horror Pain Gore Death will release Total Fecall July 26 on CD and digital formats.

Track Listing

1. Beauty And The Yeast

2. Piss In Your Face Fun Time

3. Waffle Stomp

4. Fifty Shades Of Brown

5. The Prolapse Is Out There

6. A Tale Of Two Titties

7. Crouching Pink Hidden Stink

8. Nostre-Anus

9. Yukon Cornhole

10. More Tits Than Teeth

11. Total Fecall

12. Unchain The Brown

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