Homerik released debut album


American Symphonic Black Metal band “Homerik” released their debut album “A Song of the Night”. This record was recorded in various recording studios and locations: Big Yellow Duck, Dojo Taiko Masala, Real Brave Audio, The Riverside Church of New York City, Spin Recording Studios, and home recording studios.


1. Into the Pits of Oblivion 01:53

2. Unforgotten Kin 03:14

3. An Angel of Darkness 04:49

4. Curse of the Black Nile 05:45

5. The “Ire” of Green 03:58

6. Wendigo 05:00

7. The Balance of Power 05:39

8. Bread and Circuses 03:22

9. A Song of the Night: Part I 07:15

10. The Legion 05:35

The band lineup:

Ken Candelas – Drums/Vocals

Andrew Petriske – Vocals

Obed Gonzalez – Vocals

The band was formed in 2014 at New York, by Ken Candelas and Andrew Petriske. Obed Gonzalez came into the band later.



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