HITTEN are back with new album


Spanish heavy metal act HITTEN strikes back!

“The unstopable force of HITTEN strikes back with stunning new album and awesome new singer. With no doubts their more groundbreaking album up to date. ‘Twist Of Fate’ will content ten songs full of wild riffs, classic vocals mixed with powerfull high pitchs, crazy twin guitar passages and super feeling solos! A really hardworked album that suppouses a step forward in the HITTEN’s carreer.  ‘Twist of Fate’: a must for any genre lover’s in which the band has taken care of every production detail.

‘Twist of Fate’ will be released and distributed officialy by High Roller Records. Release date is set on 14th September. The album will be available in CD and vinyl (special edition will come with blue aqua vinyl).

**Tape will come in the same date through the american label RapidFire Records.

Japanese edition will hit the market on 12th September released by the greatest Spiritual Beast. It will contains two bonus tracks.


Side A

–          Take It All

–          Final Warning

–          Twist Of Fate

–          Flight to Freedom

–          Svccvbvs

Side B

–          Evil Within

–          On The Run

–          In The Heat Of The Night

–          Rockin’ Out The City

–          Heroes

More news will follow.

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