HELLOWEEN – announce re-issues of “Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy” and “Gambling With The Devil”


Today, the German power metallers from HELLOWEEN announce the re-issues of two of their classic albums to be released on April 19th: The legendary double-album “Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy” (2005), including the singles ‘Mrs. God’ and ‘Light The Universe’ feat. Candice Night, and the album “Gambling With The Devil” (2007) including the singles ‘As Long As I Fall’ and ‘Find My Freedom’.

You can pre-order the albums here: http://nblast.de/HelloweenReReleases

The albums will be available in the following formats:

“Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy”:

2CD + 2LP


01. The King For A 1000 Years

02. The Invisible Man

03. Born On Judgment Day

04. Pleasure Drone

05. Mrs. God

06. Silent Rain


01. Occasion Avenue

02. Light The Universe

03. Do You Know What You’re Fighting For?

04. Come Alive

05. The Shade In The Shadow

06. Get It Up

07. My Life For One More Day


08. Run (The Name Of Your Enemy)

09. Revolution

“Gambling With The Devil”:

CD + 2LP


01. Crack The Riddle

02. Kill It

03. The Saints

04. As Long As I Fall

05. Paint A New World

06. Final Fortune

07. The Bells Of The 7 Hells

08. Fallen To Pieces

09. I.M.E.

10. Can Do It

11. Dreambound

12. Heaven Tells No Lies


13. Find My Freedom

14. We Unite

15. See The Night

16. Never Surrender


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