Heaven Denies – Feat. Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyrha), Tommy Vitaly, Gabriels, and others…


“The essence of Power Pt. I”. It is an amazing album with very beautiful songs. On the recordings have benn partecipated big Artists such as Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyrha, Luca Turilli Rhapsody, Timo Tolkki Sinfonia etc…), Tommy Vitaly, Grabriels, Federico Gatti (Ancient Bards and Wind Rose) so, amazing and great artists. So what’ s new?

We are happy to announce that the album will be released on 14th of september 2019 and wil contains 10 tracks:


01. The sky calls to us
02. Call me whenever
03. Flying through the time
04. The sign of the cross
05. The angel of death (has died)
06. Arch enemy
07. Metal Pride
08. Born to burn
09. Love me forevermore
10. End of time

Here is possible to watch the teaser:


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