Hear Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares guest on Kaosis’ “Hitech – Lowlife”


Spawned out of the wastelands of dubstep and industrial metal, this hyper-aggressive collaboration between DINO CAZARES (Fear Factory) and KAOSIS is set to unapologetically divide the global metal audience. Love them or hate them, Kaosis have arrived.

KAOSIS recently signed a deal with ATYPEEK MUSIC in France. ATYPEEK is well known for breaking new cult bands and were responsible for helping break MONSTER MAGNETs’ debut record SPINE OF GOD. Released on the 15/04/19, the single «HITECH – LOWLIFE» conjures up images of James Cameron Terminators battling in a war-torn futuristic soundscape but the inspiration for the track is far more human. The collaboration between CAZARES and KAOSIS was fluid and was completed over several file sharing sessions. «DINO was sent the basic drum progressions and a week later we had these heavier than god guitar tracks. The collaborator’s vision for Hitech – Lowlife was intuitively synergetic» – VIVIVI (Guitar/ Synth).

Single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B11pLtZj2o&feature=youtu.be

The accompanying music video was directed by XEN and features CAZARES appearing as a hologram against the backdrop of an 80s sci-fi throwback theme. Ending with an unexpected plot twist, the narrative of the music video features an isolated person seeking violent refuge in a virtual reality of torture, violence and rape.

«I think most people will take this video the wrong way. There are positive questions being raised in the narrative».

– XEN (vocals)

«Our sound is about breaking down barriers; not re-enforcing stale stereotypes. Atypeek 100% supports our bold new vision for metal and that means a lot to us and our fans»

– DVOID (Drums/ Percussion)


«The album sounds amazing!»


«This song is about our fans. Our kids are the next gen of metalheads. Heavy riddim, neuro-funk and djent are sonically very similar. For our fans, there is no distinction»

KAOSIS are touring NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA from May through July and will be heading to EUROPE in August/ September_spi-img-pjb-del;news%40powerofmetal.dk;

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