HARM’S WAY launches video for new single, ‘Become A Machine’, via RevolverMag.com!


This Friday (February 9th), HARM’S WAY will release their fourth full-length, ‘Posthuman‘, via Metal Blade Records. In anticipation of this release, the band has launched a video for the new single, ‘Become A Machine’, by director Max Moore (maxmoorefilms.com; Code Orange, Converge, etc.) via RevolverMag.com: revolvermag.com

For another preview of ‘Posthuman‘, the previous singles (‘Human Carrying Capacity’ and ‘Call My Name’) can be streamed at: metalblade.com/harmsway – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–CD–Highlighter red/orange vinyl + download card (limited to 200 copies – USA exclusive)

–White vinyl + download card (limited to 1000 copies – USA exclusive)

–Translucent clear w/ white, blue and purple marble vinyl + download card (limited to 400 copies – USA exclusive)

–Marble green vinyl + download card (limited to 300 copies via Closed Casket)

–Translucent purple/black split vinyl + download card (limited to 300 copies via Death Wish)

–White / black marble vinyl + download card (limited to 500 copies – EU exclusive)

–Transparent violet vinyl + download card (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)

–Clear “birthday cake” splattered vinyl + download card (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)

–Milky-clear/blue-green-red splattered vinyl + download card (limited to 100 copies – EU exclusive)* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

With producer Putney overseeing the tracking at Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, New Jersey, ‘Posthuman‘ came together easily and fluidly. Having three weeks to track it – the longest they have ever spent on a single full-length – was definitely beneficial.

“We spent the first three days there doing pre-production and refining the songs to be the best possible versions of themselves,” says Mills. “The amount of time we had in creating this record meant we were able to experiment and not have to rush with any aspect of it, and I feel it shows in the end product.”

The title, ‘Posthuman‘, aptly summarizes the themes of the record, reflecting a sense of not feeling like a part of the world anymore, whether that be politically, socially, ethically, or emotionally. “It very much pulls from ideas of transcendence, progression, and resilience”, Mills elaborates, “and it’s very much a push back on traditional ideas of the self and self-actualization. ‘Posthuman’ to us is about progressing above and beyond the confines of what is considered human, in the physical, psychological, and categorical sense.”

‘Posthuman’ track-listing

1. Human Carrying Capacity

2. Last Man

3. Sink

4. Temptation

5. Become a Machine

6. Call My Name

7. Unreality

8. Dissect Me9. The Gift

10. Dead Space

An intense touring campaign will see the band taking the songs into venues around the world throughout 2018 and beyond – stay tuned for dates coming soon!

HARM’S WAY line-up:

Chris Mills – drums

Bo Lueders – guitar

James Pligge – vocals

Casey Soyk – bass

Nick Gauthier – guitar




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