Hällas announces new album “Excerpts from a Future Past”


Hällas releases their debut album “Excerpts From a Future Past” the 13th October on The Sign Records. The swedish quintet has adopted the progressive sound from their earlier release and their unique way of creating a powerful, catchy, yet complex sound and taken it a step further, calling their genre “adventure rock”. The Swedes were praised for their EP released in 2015 and their new concept album contains seven storytelling tracks about seers, a knight on a quest for answers and the fall of a once great city.

For their new album the members shared interest in the great storytelling of early heavy metal and progressive rock bands led to the decision to create a concept album. Using organs, synthesizers, medieval-sounding twin guitars and dynamic drums and bass, their inventive style of songwriting with progressive passages intertwined with a steady foundation of heavy rock followed accordingly – all accompanied by the expressive and wistful vocals of Tommy Alexandersson. Together, these ingredients blend into this timeless, one of a kind album with a story set in the middle ages of an alternative universe, following a seer who possessed forces previously unknown to man. As the rumor of his powers spread, the story proceeds.

The album is produced and mastered by the band’s organist Nicklas Malmqvist at Treasure Sound Studio. “While we as a band adopt a “more-is-more” approach to the songwriting, the focus of the production was to simplify and enabling the dynamics of the elements to let every piece of instrument bring forth the ambience to the story the album is telling, put into words by the unique vocals” says Nicklas. The essence of the music is captured and illustrated by Nightjar Illustrations as seen on the front cover.

First single “The Astral Seer” is set for release the 3th of August 2017

Track list:

1. The Astral Seer

2. Repentance

3. Nebulon’s Tower

4. The Golden City of Semyra

5. Star Rider

6. Shadow of the Templar

7. Illusion Sky

Hällas are:

Tommy Alexandersson: Bass and vocal

Alexander Moraitis: Guitars

Nicklas Malmqvist: Organs and synthesizers

Marcus Petersson: Guitars

Kasper Eriksson: Drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haellas

The Sign Records Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesignrecords/

The Sign Records Homepage: http://www.thesignrecords.com


Hällas on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2t4Pyux

Hällas – Autumn in Space (Taken from Debut EP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwuqUHwjHc8


The Sign Records

The Sign Records is a Swedish label working with bands as MaidaVale, Tid, Märvel, Honeymoon Disease, Demon Head, Lizzies, Svartanatt and Night. The Sign Records have it´s focus on rock and metal music. The label is a part of the Almost Religious labelgroup that also works with the labels Lövely Records, Gaphals and Daughters and sons Records.




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