German melodic viking metallers Vagrant unleashes their new track Spirit of Valor

German melodic viking metallers Vagrant unleashes their new track Spirit of Valor taken of their debut album The Rise Of Norn out June 21st


Today we have the pleasure of bringing you one last treat before the release date draws near! however due to delays on the physical side we had to set the release to June 21st
and its with great pride we present Spirit Of Valor play-through filmed by Oropesa
the album Rise Of Norn Will be available worldwide on June 21st as CD Digipak / Digital as well as all digital platforms!

German Melodic Death Metal group Vagrant present official play.through of their track Spirit of Valor
Taken from the forthcoming album ” The Rise Of Norn”. Out June 21st, 2019.

CD Pre order available at

Vagrant had this to say about the track

Our single “Spirit of Valor” is the most intense song on this album. It describes the final battle of the young warrior, which will lead to his death. The Song has everything in it Vagrant is about, dark atmosphere, fast blast beats, catchy melodies and massive orchestra. Definitely the most epic song on this album

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The Rise Of Norn will be available as CD Digipak /Digital June 21st
worldwide distributed by Sound Pollution / Plastic head UK

Track list

1. The Whispering Sea
2. Blinded By Destiny
3. Deceptive Similarity
4. Darkness During The Reign Of A Black Sun
5. Spirit Of Valor
6. Blood On A Crow’s Beak


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